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Tea House

Tea Service

We welcome everyone to come and experience tea with a seasoned tea pourer or enjoy self-service by pouring tea yourself!  We have tea-ware for all our self-service guests.  We also welcome you to bring your own personal tea ware.  

  1.  Gong Fu Cha – traditional Chinese tea service – come in and sit at the tea bar for front of house service – $5 per person/per pot.  Or make a reservation for a private session – one tea (usually, there’s a bonus tea as well), up to 4 guests – $30
  2. Gan Pao (Dry Pouring) Gong Fu Cha – this a more elegant, formal type of gong fu cha that requires more deliberate attention – one tea, up to 4 guests – $30
  3. Cha Yi -Unlike the casual practice of Gong Fu Cha, Cha Yi represents the formal discipline of Chinese tea culture. Connected to Chinese imperial tradition dating back to the time of Lu Yu, this refined practice is similar to the Japanese tea ceremony and involves highly specialized techniques for the steeping and presentation of tea – one tea, up to 4 guests – $40/hour.
  4. Tea Flights – sample three Chinese teas Gong Fu style – up to 3 guests – $15, 4 to 6 guests – $25
  5. Tea Education – learn the basic Gong Fu Cha process and techniques and begin your own amazing journey into Chinese tea and tea culture (as well as drink tea!) – $25/person –  Reservation required
  6. Self Service – one tea and tea-ware – $10
  • Additional teas can be added to Gong Fu Cha or Gan Pao for $7/each.

Coming Soon:

Internal Gong Fu Cha – this is a more mindful experience where we will focus on the Qi of the tea and the interaction between the tea and the guests (please minimize perfume/cologne use) – one tea, up to 4 guests – $30/hour.  

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